Casa Forn Location

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Casa Forn is located in Pujalt, a small and quiet village, 10 km from Sort, capital of Pallars Sobirà, in the Pyrenees region of Lleida. An ideal place for rural tourism with your family and friends.

WARNING: there is a village near Cervera called Pujalt, be careful when you put it on the map that it doesn’t send you to another place, there are also some GPSs that show Pujalt.

The exact coordinates to get there are: 42.417754,1.111922 El Pujalt 25568 Sort

Route Barcelona- Pujalt

Barcelona- Tarrega- Agramunt- Artesa de Segre- Tremp- Pobla de Segur- Sort- Pujalt

Route Lleida- Pujalt

Lleida- Balaguer- Ager- Tremp- Pobla de Segur- Sort- Pujalt


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