Our values

We are sustainable

At Casa Forn, we love to enjoy the wonderful landscapes that we have around our house and that is why we believe that it is important to take care of them and preserve the environment, making use of 100% renewable energy and correctly separating and recycling the waste, in order to have more sustainable tourism. Together we can stop climate change.

Being aware of the environment has led us to apply these initiatives at home:

  • We do selective waste separation so that our clients can correctly recycle the waste they generate during their stay.
  • We are committed to renewable energies:
    We have installed solar panels to use electricity coming exclusively from 100% renewable sources and reduce C02 emissions. Likewise, in our community, we have installed solar thermal panels to heat water and reduce gas consumption.

We help boost the local economy

At Casa Forn, we like to work with local suppliers to help the local economy and receive more personalized and human attention. That’s why we work exclusively with local electricity, internet, and cleaning service providers.

We understand that encouraging the local economy and businesses in the area is essential for the development and survival of life in the region in the future; that is why we always recommend to our clients the tourist activities they can do in the area, as well as the local businesses.

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